AccuGrade Laser

AccuGrade Laser Grade Control System

The AccuGrade Laser Grade Control System is a high-technology earthmoving tool that allows dozer and motor grader operators to grade and fill with improved accuracy without the use of traditional stakes or grade checkers.

Using advanced laser technology, machine-mounted components and an off-board laser transmitter, this state-of-the-art machine control system provides precise elevation information on an in-cab display to achieve accurate blade positioning. This results in the need for fewer passes while providing greater accuracy, higher productivity, lower operating costs and increased profitability.

AccuGrade Laser System benefits include:

  • Superior option for finishing grading
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Improved accuracy of grading equipment up to 50 percent over conventional methods
  • Easy to learn regardless of experience level

Flexible System for Multiple Applications

The AccuGrade Laser Grade Control System is designed for a wide range of construction earthwork applications requiring tight tolerances and high production rates. Laser grade control systems are so accurate they are often required in project specifications or by general contractors in the construction industry.

Planar Applications: Must be flat or have consistent slope(s)

Grading Applications: Flatwork, Building Pads, Sports Fields, Airport Runways, Taxiways and Aprons, Parking Lots, Landfill Construction, Lifts and Capping, Railroad Roadbeds, Roads and Highways with uniform slope, Agriculture Waterways, Agriculture Terraces and Ponds

Site Preparation Applications: Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Users of laser grade control systems often include general contractors, excavating contractors, concrete contractors, railroad contractors, mining operators, landfill operators and agriculture contractors and farmers.