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Ditch Witch RT45 Trencher

Maximum Digging Depth
63 in
Maximum Digging Width
12 in
49 HP

RTx – SC3

Operating Weight
3295 lb
Drum Width
Conversion from 22in/55.9cm to 32in/81.3cm
1.5 mile/h

Ditch Witch RT45 B

Ditch Witch C24X Trencher

Maximum Digging Depth
36 in
Maximum Digging Width
6 in
22 hp

When it’s time to lay down cable, pipe or gas-lines, many time-conscious contractors, landscapers and construction companies opt for trencher rentals. Maybe in the past, you’ve done this job with a great deal of manual labor and a shovel, or perhaps you opted for a mini-trencher or attachment to a skid steer in your fleet. Whatever the case, if you’ve ever felt there’s a better way to dig a trench, you’re absolutely right. And what’s more, there’s an even easier way to fill the ground back in again when you’re done.

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For most contractors and other businesses, the job of trenching involves the time, labor and equipment required to dig out the right amount of earth to lay down some type of piping or cable. What many people forget, however, is that a trench isn’t complete until the earth you remove is filled back in again.

That’s why experienced landscapers and builders add up the time it takes to both dig and refill a trench before deciding which method of trenching is best suited for a particular job. While small jobs might only need a trenching shovel and trenching hoe to complete, most projects that require a trench of any real length and depth will require a mechanical solution.

This is when renting a ride-on trencher makes sense. Manufactured as a single unit, ride-on trenchers are designed to make the job of trenching go as smoothly and quickly as possible with maximum operator safety and control.

Unlike walk-behind trenchers and trencher attachments for skid steers that take a certain amount of getting used to for safe and efficient operation, ride-on trenchers place the operator well out of harm’s way — yet without ever diminishing visibility or control. With a multi-directional blade under the machine, filling in the ground you remove is as simple as driving back over the route you previously trenched.

At Warren CAT, we’re proud to include Allied equipment among our rental fleet. A staple member of our fleet is our ride-on chain trencher with a fully adjustable boom for maximum control over the length and depth of the trench you need to dig.


If you’re looking for rental equipment with the kind of quality and dependability associated with all Caterpillar® products, look no further than Warren CAT. We have a full line of Cat® and Allied equipment for rent, including powerful trenchers that are easy to operate.

If you have any questions about the type of equipment you need, our rental team is here to assist with product knowledge and advice built on decades of experience.

After more than 30 years as a trusted name in construction equipment, we are proud to be the exclusive Cat dealer to West Texas, the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma. And we know our reputation is built one pleased customer at a time.

To learn more about our flexible rental terms, including rent-to-own options, simply contact us or call 866-292-7736.

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