Waste Management

Equipment for the Waste Management Industry

Managing all different types of waste each day puts a toll on your equipment and can be brutal on the longevity of your engines. You need continued performance to withstand your most challenging environments, whether you’re operating in a landfill, recycling center or transfer station. If you need machines to collect, transport, treat and dispose of waste, Warren CAT has waste management equipment to support you during various methods of disposal.

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Why Rely on Warren CAT?

As your go-to source for new Cat equipment, Warren CAT works with you to determine the best machines for your applications. We learn about your specific requirements to help you invest in the right model that will provide long-term durability and efficiency. We are an authorized Cat dealer for waste management industries in and around Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle.

With up-to-date technology and dependable waste equipment, we support you with a variety of waste processing implements when you need to transfer massive volumes of material with effective effort.

Types of Waste Equipment We Offer

Moving materials from one location to the next requires quick operations, top safety measures and incredible weight capacities. You could be working with resources ranging from metals, glass and plastics to concrete, wood and building components. When working in hazardous situations, your best bet is to invest in Cat equipment such as a compactor or track loader:

Compactors: A compactor reduces waste to more manageable and compact pieces to conserve space in a landfill. A compaction vehicle spreads waste in even layers and compresses it at the same time. Our Cat equipment has additional guards to ensure you’re working with the most resilient machine.
Track loaders: Equipped with tracks instead of wheels, track loaders can operate in uneven and tough terrain. Adding one to your fleet will help you load, sort, excavate and spread resources in our landfill or transfer station. You can also apply attachments to add more versatility, such as buckets.

Advantages of Choosing Caterpillar Landfill Equipment

Cat is a worldwide leader in heavy equipment manufacturing that offers an exclusive line of waste management equipment. The machines have guards and other components to protect the engines from the harsh conditions of a landfill. We know you work in risky environments and with unpredictable loads. That’s why Cat designs and engineers pieces of machinery to withstand the unique challenges of the waste management industry.

The Cat brand delivers flexible and efficient options, modern safety technology to boost your material handling volumes, and the type of reliability that can last through the duration of your business.

Contact Warren CAT to Supplement Your Waste Operations

Whether you know what will benefit your company or you need further support, Warren CAT experts are here to help you find the ultimate solution for keeping your production levels high and your workers safe. And we stand behind our products and services so you can succeed for years to come.

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